Perspective corrected photos

You see in my photos, that I like to have my perspective distortion corrected. That is all the vertical straight lines in the photo are perfectly parallel to the horizon line. This is mostly from using the tilt-shift lens, that makes that easy, but also by keeping all other lenses perfectly leveled.

Funny thing about this is, that this is strange for the human mind. We normally see the perspective distortion and our minds expect it. So once it’s corrected it may feel odd.

And you maybe seen it in some of my photos. That it even looks like the top of the building is wider than the bottom. But I can assure you, it’s only an illusion. I check the lines in Photoshop all the time. But not that I can’t make a mistake though :)

Same for today’s photo, it may look a bit that the top of the building is getting wider, but it is not. The lines are perfectly parallel.

Bronze horses in Astana

I edit my photos quite a lot, but I usually don’t remove much from them. But there are of course exceptions. Today’s photo is one of those.

I really liked these horse statues in front of the Astana opera, but I did not like how they are installed there. There are standing on metal block, that were a bit rusted. And I just did not like that look in the photo. So I went in with Photoshop and removed them completely. Now the horses look more like they were floating, but it’s much better than before :)

This is a two shot blend, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Bronze horses in Astana, Kazakhstan