Not sleeping at night

While I was in Astana, Kazakhstan, I decided to change a bit my sleeping time. Since the time difference was 4 hours anyway, I decided not to sleep during the night, but instead, do it differently. I would take photo in the evening, do quick edits during the night, and then go out to take photos in the morning. Only afterwards would I go to sleep.

And with the time difference, this was not even that strange. It was like going to bed around 3am, which is not really that strange for me. Have you ever tried something like this while you traveled?

Very early morning reflection

And this is one of the photos taken before sunrise. Really nice to have a place just for oneself. Too bad that the decorative light were not in the morning. I actually mention that as one of the reasons not to take photos in the morning, in my article ‘Why shoot in the early morning’ here. But of course there are more reasons to do so :)

This is a two shot blend, done in Photoshop. I used the 12mm Laowa lens to get as much of the reflection as I could, as the puddle was quite close to the bridge.

Very early morning reflection, Astana, Kazakhstan