Light tunnel in Amsterdam

Not that long ago I shared with you photos from the White night event in Bratislava. But of course this is not only done in Bratislava, and many cities have events with light inhalations. And last year before Christmas, when I was visiting Amsterdam, they also had few there.

This was a very cool light tunnel, where boats passes under all the time. It was quite short, but it also animated, so the effect was very nice. I did not take the boat, but I stood opposite from it, to get this panorama.

Was not easy to get this shot. The day was quite rainy, and the light difference between the light tunnel and the surrounding was huge. So what I did? I did a 2 shot panorama, each shot from 5 exposures. I corrected the photos in Lightroom, exported, merged into a panoramas in PTgui then merged them into a HDR in Oloneo Photoengine. Then I loaded all into Photoshop, and blended all together with original exposures. I probably used every blending mode I knew on this photo :)

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Light tunnel in Amsterdam, Netherlands

And here are few details:

Light tunnel in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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