Sunset at the Neusiedler See

Today I stooped by with a fellow photographer at the Neusidler See (Lake Neusiedl) in Austria. And I did take few photo, even if it was fewer than I though it would be. It was just horribly cold and windy on the pier. I was mistaken from the quite warm weather when we left Bratislava and I did not really anticipated to be freezing there.

Still, I got few photos, even if the sunset was a bit boring without any clouds. This panorama I took right as the sun was about to set behind the horizon. This is a two shot long exposure panorama. I used a 10-spot Vfoto ND filter to get the exposure to be 30s, as I wanted soft water and the wind was mowing it too much.

Sunset at the Neusiedler See, Austria, Podersdorf