The street towards Les Invalides in Paris

When you are taking photos from a high up place, you can either try to capture as much as you can, or focus on one single part of the scenery. To tell the truth, the wide shots are simpler. The reason is mostly wind. When you are shooting wide, a small movement of the camera will have almost no effect on the photo. When you zoom in, a small movement will completely ruin the photo. It’s the same when you are shooting handheld. The wider you go, the better chance your photo will be sharp.

This photo was taken from the top of the Tour Montparnasse in Paris. This is the only skyscraper in the center of Paris. If you ever been there, you would know, that it can get quite windy there. Since the floor is not really stable (it bends when people walk around), you can’t really use a tripod. Instead I used a clamp and attached the camera to the outside glass wall. It’s a very thick glass there. But like this, the camera was mostly outside, so right in the wind.

Here I used the 200mm lens and zoomed in a lot to get only Les Invalides in the photo. I did multiple shots, hoping that one of them will be sharp enough. And one was. This is a blend of two exposures, blended and edited in Photoshop.

The street towards Les Invalides in Paris
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