Paul Couturier bridge in Lyon

After the rainy photos, here is one from a very sunny day in Lyon. It was so hot and sunny that day, I was not able to stand for 5 minutes in the sun. I was getting dizzy from the dry hot air. Really not my kind of weather.

This was taken on the red Paul Couturier bridge in Lyon, few years back. I managed to find a flat for rent like 10 min walk from this bridge, so I returned here every day to get my photo. And while waiting for nice clouds or a sunset, I never got one. The whole week I was there, the sky was clear or with only a bit of hazy clouds, like on this photo. I also tried the same photo in the evening, but since there are light that shine through the sides of the bridge, I got a crazy amount of flares. Will have to try that again next time.

This is a three shot blend, done in Photoshop. For my suggesting for photography spots in Lyon, check out the list here.

Paul Couturier bridge in Lyon
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