Peak Design

I am still at a photo trip to Italy this week, but I thought I mentioned this here. I have written a lot about Peak Design products in the past, and also used a lot of them. And today they started a new Kickstarter campaign, so I think it’s worth a look.

Peak Design Travel Tripod

So as I said, Peak Design expanded into another category. They started with clamps, then moved into leashes, backpacks, bags and now to tripods. Their portfolio is really getting big.

The new tripod, named Travel tripod seems to fit it quite well. It looks nice, very compact and the specifications are decent. There are actually two variants, an alloy one (MSRP: 349.95 USD) and a carbon one (MSRP: 599.95 USD). So what are the specs?

  • Weight limit: 9.1kg
  • Colapsed lenght: 38.7cm
  • Max height with center column up: 148.6cm
  • Max height with center column down: 126.4cm
  • Min height: 11.4cm
  • Weight: alloy one at 1.56kg, carbon at 1.27kg
  • Leg sections: 5

It’s a bit short for my taste, but as a travel tripod, it’s still quite reasonable. And comparing that to the weight limit and how compact it is, it’s a good enough compromise.

They also changed the shape of the legs, to make the collapse together better. I think that it’s a good idea, and also that they try to move away from all other available tripods. The ball head that its build in also looks interesting, but it’s hard to say from the photos how good it is in use.

All and all, this looks like a very interesting approach to a tripod. I definitively want to try it out to see how it is, and how it compares to classic ones. But for that, I will have to wait.

I’m not sure if I will back this at Kickstarter, as I got a new tripod only recently, but will think about it. If you are interested, check it out on Kickstarter here. It’s a good way to get a discount on it, as usual, the prices on Kickstarter are lower than they will be once it’s fully launched.

Photos provided by Peak Design.