Early morning in Ljubljana

I went a bit back into my photo library today, and edited a photo from 2013. My Lilghtroom catalag actually starts with 2008, as in that year I started to take photos. I don’t think I ever did one before that. Maybe on my photon, but that was like 1Mpix, so not really that great :)

This photo is from one very early morning in Ljubljana in Slovenia. Funny that I remember it like it was yesterday. There is this wooden bridge there, which gives you this view when you stand in the middle. The problem is, it shakes when somebody walks over it. So if you don’t want blurry photos, you have to go there when it’s definitively empty. And early morning is that time.

This is a blend of 4 exposures, done in Photoshop. As this was taken with the 5D mark II, I needed to use more exposures due to the lower dynamic range.

Early morning in Ljubljana
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