Lights under the Eiffel Tower

While the occasion why the Eiffel Tower was lit up in these colors was a sad one (this photo is from 2016, right after the bomb explosions in Belgium), the way the lit it up was interesting. I always thought, they just use the lights that are already built into the tower and just change the color. But on this occasion, I saw it working differently. Instead, they had a setup of lights right in front of the tower. They used them to give the top of the tower the red color. If you look closely into this photo, you can see the red lights shining from the bottom, right under the tower.

This is a two shot panorama, each shot from a single exposure. Combined and edited in Photoshop. I had a lot of lens flares here, as there were a lot of street lamps closeby and it’s really hard to shade the 17mm TSE lens. I also had quite the problems with color banding here and while I managed to remove a lot of it, maybe there wills till be some in the sky. It just did not want to go away, and I did not want to replace the whole sky just because of it.

Lights under the Eiffel Tower
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