A view from Paris

I have been neglecting the blog a bit this year, which I’m not happy about. But with working a different job right now, to get over this crazy times, I’m not really in the mood to spend even more time at the PC every day. I’m just happy when I can turn it off in the evening, and don’t look at it anymore.

But it’s not a good situation, I need to get back into it. The longer I delay that, the harder it gets. At least the muscle memory from years of editing is still there and using Photoshop as easy as ever. Opening Photoshop after weeks of not using it is just the same as before.

So for today, here is a shot from long time ago, taken one evening in Paris. For those curious, this is a blend of three exposures, edited a bit in Camera Raw and then blended in Photoshop, with few edits on top.