One of the places I had no time to visit is Paris, is the inside and mostly the top of Notre Dame. You just cant’t visit everything and with the sunset at half ten, most of things are already closed. My list of places I want to visit the next time in Paris is just getting bigger and bigger :)

This is a manual blend from 5 shots.
Notre Dame de Paris

The only sunrise I really got up while I was in Paris. All others during the week were just not worth it. Always rainy or cloudy. But this one was actually quite nice, even if few scattered clouds would be nicer. I used my ND filter to take this to nicely blur the water and the traffic on the road. The ND filter worked out great, until it got loose form the camera when I was moving to another spot and fell on the ground. It split up into three pieces, but luckily the glass received no damage at all and I managed to put it back together :)

This is a manual blend form 5 shots.
Paris sunrise

If it was not difficult enough to take photos of a fountain and get no water on the lens, I was raining while I was taking this shots. But I managed to get a shot without any drops on the lens. That’s because I used the 24-70 from canon, and if you ever seen that lens, you know that it has a giant lens hood. It just perfect for when it rains :)

This is a manual blend from 3 shots, taken at the Place de la Concorde in Paris.
Shooting in the rain

One way to compose a subject in a photo, is to frame it. That does not mean adding a frame around the photo, but using parts of surrounding nature or architecture to create a frame around the subject, and so giving it more importance in the photos. And that is what I did here.

This is a manual blend from 5 photos.
Nicely framed

It’s funny that this is a photo. It looks more like something done in Photoshop in few minutes :). It’s just so abstract. I actually wanted a more wider composition, showing this colorful pillar in Paris more in its surrounding, but right after I took this shots, it started raining again. So this was the shot I got :)

Single photo edited in Photoshop.
Abstract colors

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