Clouds invading Paris – Plotagraph

I spend today evening in Mikulov in Czech republic. And while I got quite a few photo, who know if they are good. I have arrived only recently, and have not had time too look at them. But with how crazy windy it was, I’m not that hopeful. If it worked out, you will see a photo from there tomorrow :)

But for today, here is another Plotagraph I made, this time of this very cloudy view of Paris, taken from the top of the Tour Montparnasse.

(if you use an older web browser, you may only see a static image, if you are on a mobile, please hit the play button to see the Plotagraph in motion)

New stuff from Peak Design

I have been posting quite a lot about Peak Design products over the years, and it will not be different this time. Today, right about now, Peak Design is starting a short 5 day Kickstarter campaign for few new products. To be exact, a new version of the Capture (v3), a new pro Pad, and two new updated straps, the Slide and Slide Lite. All now also available in two colors, a silver and a black, to fit with other Peak Design products.

The capture is a holder system that allows you to attach your camera to your belt or backpack strap. I did a review of the version 2 from few years ago, so you can find my thoughts on that one here. You can find info on the last Pro Pad in the same review. The new one is much sleeker, lighter and overall just looks better.
Peak Design products
I personally never tried he old Slide. But I did a review of a second product from the range, the Leash, which I still use. Still, I presume its similar to other straps on the Peak Design products, so high quality is guarantied.
Peak Design products
The Kickstarter campaign is available here, and will be open until Nov 10th at 11:59pm PT. So if you would like to grab any of the new products from Peak Design with a bit of a discount, now is the time to get them.
(photos courtesy of Peak Design)

Low sun over Paris

I looked a bit through my old photo of Paris, and decided to edit one of the panoramas I took there already years ago. How time flies. The sharpness is not as good as on the photos from the 5D mark IV, but it still looks good.

This is a three shot panorama taken from the top of the Tour Montparnasse. I did three exposures for every shot, and then I also took most of the shot with my hand in front of the sun. Like this I could completely remove any lens flares that showed up in the photos. Combined in PTgui and finished in Photoshop.

Low sun over Paris France sunset panorama

And here are few details:

The shadows

I still had one photo already edited from the American cemetery in Normandy, that I had yet to post, so I’m doing it today. It was taken early spring this year, and while it was quite cloudy, for a moment the sun came out, creating these really interesting shadows. I just had to capture them.

This is a three shot vertorama, each shot from 5 exposures. I needed more exposures here, due to the very bright sun. Combined using PTgui, edited in Lighroom and Photoshop.

The shadows Normandy France

Instagram followers

I have noticed something strange on Instagram. I get quite a few followers, but my total count does not go up, or even goes down over time. Like I saw 10 new followers within one hour, but the total count is 5 followers down.

I wonder if this is just because people follow you, expecting you follow them back, and then unfollow. They will not have luck with me, as I just follow the accounts I want to. That’s the only reason I follow someone, and I dont really care if they follow me.

How about you? Have you seen this behavior there?

Evening at the bridge in Paris

You may wonder, why I have so many photos from this area in Paris. The reason is simple. As I work for a cruise ship company, I’m usually in Paris on an assignment. And since this is the area where the ships dock, I don’t have that much time during sunset to go any further. So while trying to make the best from the little time I have, I do photos where I am. And that’s the reason :)

So this photo is from one of the many bridges right next to the Eiffel tower. It’s too bad you cant get on the bridge right in front, as that’s a rail bridge, but what can you do :) This is a blend from 3 exposure, edited in Lightroom and blended in Photoshop.

Evening at the bridge in Paris

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

If you read my about page, you may know that I used to work in game design some years ago. So of course I like to play games a lot :) But with a game like the new Assassin’s Creed, I only can think of how great the scenery looks and how wonderful photos it would make for, if it was real (or still existing). Probably would call that a professional deformation :)

How about you? Have you tried the game already?

Sunny clouds over Paris – plotagraph

For today, I have for you another Plotagraph. This time I edited one of my Paris photos. And as the clouds were very soft that day, I decide also to go with a very subtle animation, to just give a bit of live into the photo.

And if you want to see the animation points, so how it was done, check out the screenshot on the side. And for more about Plotagraph, check out my How to create plotagraphs tutorial here and my Plotagraph Pro review here.

(if you are on a mobile or use an older web browser, you may only see a static image)

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