It would be so great to have a sky like that each time I go out to take photos. But on the other hand, it would probably be boring after some time. So it’s probably best that it is how it is :)

This is a HDR from 5 shots created in Oloneo Photoengine, then finished in Photoshop
Burning sky

Adding glow to your photos

Few days ago I added a new tutorial to this blog, this time about how to add glow to your photos. I use this technique in almost all of my photos, and I think you will find it interesting (and very easy :)). You can see the tutorial here: Adding glow to your photos. You can also find a Photoshop action there, which does all that for you :)

glow-0 glow-25 glow-50

The Morning Light

I just cant stop editing photos from that morning. All have such a great sky, that other photos looks just boring :). So here is another one from last Monday in Budapest. It was very funny to me, to see a young couple sitting right next to the place I was, watching a movie on a notebook, completely ignoring the stunning sunrise that was in front of them. I wonder why they went there at such an hour if not for that.

This is a HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with some of the original exposures in Photoshop.
The Morning Light

I know, I know, another shot of the bridge. It was just such a beautiful sunrise, that I just edit one photo after another from it :) Hope nobody minds.

This is a HDR from 5 shots created in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with few of the original exposures in Photoshop.
Sunrise at the bridge

As I mentioned yesterday, I had few more photos of the Liberty bridge prepared. Most of them are from the sunrise, but this one is from the evening blue hour. You can actually very easily determine if its evening or morning just by looking at the water. If the reflection is nice, it’s morning, it its not nice it’s evening. There are so many ships on the Danube, that the almost water never gets calm in the evening.

This is a manual blend from 7 shots.
Evening by the Liberty Bridge

This week is mostly about bridges, as that’s almost the only thing I took photos of earlier this week in Budapest. Somehow bridges are my most favorite photo subject, closely followed by reflections. And here I have both. I really prefer to have a real reflection in my photos. And to be able to get one in Budapest, one really has to get up early. Already around 6 am the ships start to go up and down the Danube and the water traffic is quite in the way. But right around the sunrise, the water is very calm and reflects everything like a mirror.

This is a 7 exposure HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and then blended with the original exposures in Photoshop.
The morning reflection

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