Framed by the lights

I really like to frame interesting building with something from the surrounding. And lights can sometimes be a great framing subject. But they are not an easy one. If you get your lights in the shot, you can expect a lot of flares. And that’s what I got here.

But if you seen my guide on how to remove lens flares, you probably already know what I did here. I first took a normal photo of the scene. Then since I got flares in the shot, I took another photo, with my hand in front of the left lamp. And then I took another shot with my hand in front of the right lamp. Like this, I had a clean photo of every area I needed and I could blend them all together in Photoshop. Look into my guide to see more on how it’s done.

This is of course the EXPO 2017 sphere building in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Framed by the lights

Colorful light tunnel

I have absolutely no idea why this colorful light tunnel was in the middle of a small square in Astana, and also no idea why it was on at 5 in the morning. But it was there and it was on when I walked by, so of course I took a photo :)

To tell the truth, I’m not completely happy with the composition. I wanted to have the statue in the background perfectly centered in the middle of the tunnel. I tried multiple positions, moving from side to side, but I could not find a spot from where it would be in center, while still seeing the whole tunnel. One can’t have everything.

This is a blend of three shots, done in Photoshop.

Colorful light tunnel

Abstract monument

I’m not really a big fan of modern art. I fin it just too random, without any real though behind it. But I do have to say I quite like this one, even if it’s also just random. Still looks quite nice when it’s lit up.

This abstract monument is a part of the EXPO 2017 area in Astana, right behind the sphere building. As you can see by the reflections, yes, it was raining when I took this photo.

This is a three shot blend, edited in Ligtroom, finished in Photoshop.

Abstract monument, Astana, Kazakhstan

Empty path in the morning

So I caught a cold somewhere last week, and with that I’m quite tired recently. Not in the mood to do anything really. That’s why I have not updated the blog for a few days. And not that I’m gotten over it yet, but it’s time for a new photo.

This one I took close to my hotel in Astana. I walked around the lake at 5-6 in the morning, and so got a nice view with no people at all.

This is a two shot blend, edited in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Empty path in the morning, Astana, Kazakhstan

Rainy evening in Astana

Another rainy shot for you today. It just rained like crazy that evening in Astana, and the puddles were just huge everywhere. I had to clean my lens a lot that evening, but somehow I managed to avoid rain drops in all of my photos. To tell the truth, the Canon 24-70 lens is great in the rain, as the huge lens hood covers the whole front of it. Not anymore with the new version though :)

This is a three shot blend, again mostly because of the Beyterek tower in the middle, that’s just so bright. Edited in Lightroom, blended in Photoshop.

Rainy evening in Astana, Kazakhstan
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