Blue morning in Rotterdam

Today I tried to decide if I should go out to take photos or not. The clouds showed promise. In the end I decided to go and go up to the Old town hall tower to get some photos of the Christmas markets. And I really had luck with the sunset, as today it was just beautiful. But, I still have to edit the photos, so I show it to you probably tomorrow :)

And until then, here is a photo from the center of Rotterdam in Netherlands. I was on a ship there, that was docked not far away from this spot, so I decided to try some sunrise photos. And this was taken during the morning blue hour. This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop.

Blue morning in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I’m back

And I’m back after a bit longer trip, that I first thought it will be. I did a lot of photos, but not many landscape or city shots. Still I got few new, that I will share with you in the next days, or until I have to leave again :).

Early morning at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam

I spend around half a day in Rotterdam last week, and while the weather during the day was quite ugly, the morning blue hour was quite nice. But just the blue hour, as the sun did not came from behind the thick clouds at all.

So I did a little walk around the Erasmus Bridge and got few shots. I was really happy that I decided to do so, as soon after the sunrise it started raining, and I did not get much afterwards. But I did walk around the center of the city, so I seen a lot of great spots that will really require a revisit, probably very soon :)

This is a blend of two exposures, done in Photoshop.

Early morning at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam
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