I just got back home today, so hopefully tomorrow I will get the blog back to regular updates (probably with some fireworks shots soon :)). But for today, I’m dead tired, so here is one more from the archives.

Still few posts until I get to my normal routine, so here is another Christmas one, with a huge Christmas ball :)

Capturing Fireworks

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Light balls at the Nativity scene

I’m not really that happy with my recent photos. Winter photos with no snow just do not look right. But as I have nothing else new to edit, I have to edit those. So here is another one from the Christmas decorations in Poprad. This is a part of a Nativity scene in a park there. It’s not the whole decorations, as you can see, it was quite big.

It was raining at the time I took this, so everything looked quite yellowish, and I decided to leave it that way in the final edit. I think it’s more authentic this way. This is a HDR created from 5 exposures in Oloneo Photoengine and finieshed in Photoshop.
Light balls at the Nativity scene

This will be a little shorter post, as I only arrived home about a hour ago and I’m dead tired. In the last week I visited many places and had some opportunities to take few photos. But as it is currently much hotter here than it should be, there is almost no snow at all. So to at least have a little bit of the atmosphere, here is one huge Christmas ball.

I took this one while stooping for a while in the city Poprad. There were many nice decorations there, but I struggled a little to get a nice shot, as it was raining and the city was full of people. But somehow I managed to get this one without them. This huge Christmas ball also seemed to be a quite popular place to pose and take photos, so it was someone in it most of the time.

This is a HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and finished in Photoshop.
Enter the huge Christmas ball

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