Destination Prague

So another weekend, another trip. This time it to Prague. And as the last days were warm and very sunny, the weather during the weekend will probably be horrible. Let’s see :)

Flickr Explore

So in the last week I got 4 photos into Flickr explore selection, and I didn’t even noticed :). But the fifth got to number 26 and I noticed. It was this one Calling Batman. I noticed that a lot of people react if you give your photo a funny name, I have to do this more often.

Fisherman’s Bastion

Too bad it was closed, but still it looked like a fairy tale castle. I waited in front of it until there were no people and took this shot. I had to do a lot of retouching, as I had to remove all trees from the boarders of this shot, because of the heavy wind. I keep the colors quite soft, as it was a clouded and colorless evening and I don’t want the photo to look unnatural.

I also did a little lens correction on this photo. I was standing quite close to the Bastion, because of a construction side fence behind me, so it distorted the photo quite a lot. I don’d do this usually, as I don’t mind the distortion, but it helped to remove unwanted branches from the corners of the photo.
Fisherman's BastionToo bad it was closed, but still it looked like a fairy tale castle.

Number of exposures: 7; Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II; Lens: Canon 16-35 mm F2.8;
Focal length: 21 mm; Aperture: 11.0; Middle exposure time: 1/13s; ISO: 100; Tripod used: yes

Where was this photo taken:

[map z=”18″ hidecontrols=”true” marker=”yes” w=”980″ h=”150″ maptype=”SATELLITE” lat=”47.502884″ lon=”19.034586″]