So of course I have to start with Bratislava. I have spend many hours taking really a lot of photos around the city and so here are my 5 favorite spot. As you will see I prefer spots a little away from the main center and including my two favorite subjects, bridges and reflection :)

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Top of the New Bridge

If you can go to only one place in Bratislava, go here. The view of the city is just stunning, there are no windows blocking your shots and after sundown you can have the place completely for yourself :) You have to pay an entrance fee (6.50 euro currently), but I think it’s worth it.

Bratislava city center
The stunning view

Bratislava Castle Fortifications

The opposite place to the previous spot. From here you have a great view of the New Bridge. If you didn’t know, the New Bridge is the smallest tower in the World Federation of Great Towers :) . Too bad the view of the city is obstructed by trees, but the view of the Danube is great.

Night Bridge
White Castle

Tyrsovo Nabrezie (Waterfront)

I love this place, as I can get a very nice reflection of the castle, when the Danube is calm. Great place during the sunset and blue hour. The whole path between the New and Old bridge gives you hundreds of different compositions you can try. Also there is a docket ship, which you can enter (there is a sign No Entry, but as long as there is no festival or something similar on the waterfront, nobody will stop you, but please be careful :) ), and get a unobstructed view. I noted the ship on the map.

The very colorful sunset in Bratislava
Night colors

Apollo Bridge

A little further away from the center, but worth it. You can just walk here from the Old bridge or from the Eurovea Shopping center. As it is a highway bridge, you will be there alone. I prefer not to go there alone, but I have also never met anyone there, so it still should be safe. Really great for blue hour shots. Also the view from the bridge is very nice.

Returning to old places
Apollo Bridge Lights

Kuchajda Lake

This place is just about reflection. The lake is usually very calm, and the sun usually sets behind the two Millennium towers, so you can have the whole sunset twice. Also once a year they have fireworks above this lake (usually at the start of June).  As reflections go, this place is never disappointing.

Strong clouds over Kuchajda
On the frozen lake

So that’s my top 5 photography spots for Bratislava. Hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have :)

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Just a reflection

Another reflection photo. I just can’t stop taking them :) Yesterday I again had one of those days, when I just can decide what photo to put here. It happens from time to time. So in the end I decided for this one :)
Just a reflection Another reflection photo. I just can't stop taking them :)

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