Number 5

As I am currently away and was so busy last weeks, I had absolutely no time to create enough photos for the whole week. So instead for the next five days, I will take a look at the top 5 most favorited photos at my Flickr page. Hope you don’t mind :) So lets start with number 5

So this one is of the New Bridge, or the SNP bridge, if they already changed the name. I still don’t see why they should change it.

This photo is on Flickr here

Massive A lot of people don't like distortion in their photos. I don't mind. Sometimes I even like them. Like for instance here. The view through a wide angle lens make the bridge look so massive and majestic, exactly the look I was going for :). Everyone visiting this blog regularly, will definitely recognize the bridge in this photos. Of course it's the New Bridge in Bratislava.HDR from three shots, taken with Canon 450D with Sigma 10-20mm lens, from a tripod.

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