magazine-cover-6-350HDR one magazine – January Issue

A new issue of the HDR one magazine came out a few days ago, and this time there are also two articles written by me :) So for all of you who are interested in photography, you can get the newest (and also all other) issues here for free:

Light Bridge

Finally a decent shot from this year. I was starting to feel depressed, as I haven’t taken any new landscape photos fro over a month. But when the sky cleared a little yesterday, I ran out to take at least few shots. And my steps went to the Danube, as I wanted to try some long exposure shots with the Hoya ND400 filter which I bought recently. I got some nice shots with the filter, but nothing share worthy, so maybe next time. For this photo I had no need for the filter, as it was taken after sunset and the exposure was long enough even without the filter.

In this photo the Old bridge and the Apollo bridge in Bratislava. Manual blend from 5 photos, exported from Lightroom and then edited in Photoshop.
Light Bridge

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