It’s quite fun to choose a photo spot randomly. For the photo shooting yesterday in Austria, I knew where I wanted to be for the sunset. But all else, was totally random. We just went along the road and when we seen something interesting, we stopped and took few photos. Same with this chapel. It was close to the road, the sky was nice, so a perfect spot to stop for few minutes. Of course it wasn’t only few minutes and we almost missed the sunset because of it :)

This is a manual blend from two shots, edited in Photoshop. I had no need for the rest of exposures, as the whole scene was lighten by the sun and there were almost no shadows.
Rosaliakapelle Oggau

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  • Technique: Manual blending
  • Number of exposures: 2
  • Camera Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  • Lens: Canon 24-70mm F2.8
  • Focal length: 24mm
  • Aperture: 13
  • Middle exposure time: 1/160s
  • ISO: 100
  • Tripod used: yes


Where was this photo taken:

[map z=”18″ hidecontrols=”true” marker=”yes” w=”100%” h=”150″ maptype=”SATELLITE” lat=”47.846769″ lon=”16.662836″]