Last 3 hours

Only 3 hours left to the Oloneo Photoengine giveaway, so if you haven’t done so yet, you still can join in. The winner will be chosen at midnight today. You can join on the contest page.

How to remove lens flares

There is a new guide on the blog, this time dealing with lens flares. So if you want to know how I deal with them and how I remove them, head over to the guide page.

Westminster bridge in the morning

Sometimes I can feel so stupid. I finished editing this photo and by accident I clicked the close button and dismissed the save dialog without realizing what it was. So I dismissed all my work, and had to start from scratch. Good that I remembered at least partially what edits I did, so the repeating process was much faster :)

This is a very early morning view of the Westminster bridge in London. During my stay there earlier this year, my hotel was very close to it, so it was the ideal place to go to take some sunrise photos. But with the ugly weather, the sunrise photos were nothing to be proud off, so at least the blue hour shots were not bad. This is a HDR created in Oloneo Photoengine and the manually blended with the original exposures.
Westminster bridge in the morning

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