TK Actions

One of the best resources to help you with luminosity masking is the page by Tony Kuyper. He offers a lot of tutorials and descriptions for how to create them and use them. He also offers his own Photoshop panel, designed to help you use Luminosity masking in a very simple way. For all interested in the subject, I suggest you visit his tutorial page. for more information.

Autumn Sun

A little simpler photo than my usual ones, but I liked the how the sunset looked so much, that I’m posting it. I haven’t had much chances to take photos of nature this year, so at least like this I can balance the content of my blog. Of course it’s another thing I have to correct the next one. I actually started making a list of what everything I want to add tho this blog, reviews, guides and other contest, and the list is quite big already. Let’s see if the year is long enough :)

This photo is a manual blend from two shots, one for the sky, one for the trees. Edited fully in Photoshop.
Autumn Sun

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