Using Magic Lantern

Magic lantern can make taking photos so much easier. Not only when you are shooting HDR, but also for long exposures and when you need to use the intervalometer. So great to have it directly in the camera, and have no need for a special remote. It even removes the 30s limit, when you are bracketing. These really should be made standard on all cameras :). You can see more about Magic Lantern in my review of it.

The moving sky

Finally yesterday, after weeks, we had a clear sky in Bratislava. So I, with a fellow photographer Pedro Kin, went out to try and grab some star trail photos. Not even the -10 degrees stooped us. It’s funny that two hours of shooting just got me 2 finished photos to use. This is btw. my very first star trail photo I did, and I’m actually quite pleased on how it turned out :)

This photo is created from 46 exposures, each one 30s long at F2.8 and Iso 800, blended all in Photoshop. I used the Magic Lantern intervalometer function to take all the exposures. The trees in the foreground were lightened in one exposure, as we had to move the car.
The moving sky

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