I never tried to shoot stars in the middle of a city, and I haven’t seen many photographers doing it either. But after the experiment I posted two days ago, I thought I give it another try. Of course shooting just stars does not work that well, but shooting star trails works much better. You don’t need to have so many stars visible in the shot, to be able to get visible star trails after blending.

As this was only an experiment, I was really not sure if I get something usable. The sky looked so clear, until we got to the spot, and then few almost invisible clouds started moving across the sky (I seen them only when checking the photos). But still, I seen enough stars on the shots, to give it a try. Next time I just need to take many more shots, as the trails are shorter than I hoped for.

This is a blend of 48 exposures for the sky (30s, f2.8 and ISO 100), and additional 8 exposure HDR for the foreground.
Midnight experiment

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