And we came again to another Monday, so it’s time for another before/after processing post. And since I posted more fireworks shots in the last weeks, we take a look at one of those :)

But before we start, let me remind you, that you can download a free eBook on capturing firework photos from here.

So lets start with the photo. As it’s a fireworks shot, it was created from a single exposure. Here you can see the final edit and the original RAW photo.

More and more fireworks
More and more fireworks

I first started in Lightroom, where I removed the chromatic abberations, noise and brightened the shadows a little and darkened the highlights. From there I exported the photo as 16-bit tiff and opened in Oloneo Photoengine. There using the strength slider, I opened the shadows even more, and added contrast. Here you can see the Lightroom and Oloneo results (please note that the Oloneo result already has the lens corrections applied in Photoshop on it).

More and more fireworks
More and more fireworks

As always I continued in Photoshop. I loaded the Oloneo Photoengine result there, did a perspective crop and did the following edits (layers numbered from bottom up)
1. Oloneo Photoengine result
2. Color balance, as the photo was too purple.
3. Color effex Pro contrast filter to get more detail from the photo.
4. A very strong noise reduction, applied to the corner areas, as brightening the shadow areas resulted in too much noise.
5. Added more structure using the high pass filter, but just to the fireworks and the buildings.
6. Added more overall contrast.
7. Even more contrast, but just to the fireworks.
8. Warmed up parts of the photo.

More and more fireworks

And that’s all I did with this image. To find out more on how I edit, check out the guides and before after categories on this blog, or check out my video tutorial series here: