Writing kanji

Learning Japanese

Yesterday I added a page to this blog, that has absolutely nothing to do with photography. But some of you may find it interesting. Recently I started learning Japanese, and as I like to learn stuff on my own, I do the same with this. And since it takes so much time, I put together a page that documents what I use and how I progress. And you can see it here :)

Purple fireworks

For now this is the last from the St. Stephens day fireworks in Budapest. I of course have more photos of it, but am not planing to edit more right now. Probably sometime later :) Now the question is, which one do you like the most? This purple? The red, blue or green one? :)

This is a single RAW, edited in Lightroom, Oloneo Photoengine and Photoshop.
Purple fireworks

I take no credit for this idea. I seen a gallery like this made by Trey Ratcliff, and I liked it so much, that I immediately thought about making one for my Pinterest account. But as things go, it was on my todo list and I just never gotten to it. That is until today. So here is my Formatted for Pinterest gallery, and feel free to see it also on Pinterest here. You can also find a link to the original version under each of the photos.

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