New lookIf you visited the blog right now, you definitively already noticed that it looks a little differently. As I shown in a photo few days ago, this is a planed update I’ve been working for a while now. Actually I do this almost at the beginning of every year, trying to give the blog a more modern look. So you may be asking whats new? What is changed? The following things:

  1. New color scheme. I wanted to try something new this time, so a dark purple theme with pink highlights. It’s really something unusual for me.
  2. New full screen header with a slideshow. It fits nicely to every windows and screen size, and even looks good on a 34 inch screen. The header also includes the menu, and a list of latest posts. Btw. the header is only on the main page.
  3. New permanent menu. The top menu is now permanent, and is the main gateway to all of the blogs parts.
  4. Reduced sidebar. It became so huge in last year, so I thought it was time to make it a little more compact, including only few items. Also all of those items were reduced in size.
  5. Infinite-scroll. The blog now continually loads new posts while you scroll down. You can still jump to a specific page if you add page/number/ after the blog adress, but I’m looking for a better way to give you the ability to choose between infinite scroll and pagination.
  6. Re-formated pages. I re-formated some of the pages, and there still more I need to correct. I’m opting for a more cleaner look, with the pages more fitted to the browser window.
  7. Removed maps. You will see that new posts will no longer include embeded maps. This should shorten the loading times of the blog. Instead of maps, posts will include GPS coordinates, that you can just enter into Google maps, or directly links to Google maps with the location already entered.
  8. New display for EXIF. From now on, if you see a i symbol in the corner of a photo, that means that you can view the EXIF of that photo. Just hover over the i symbol, and it will appear. This function will only by in recent posts, as the formating is different for older ones.
  9. Tweaked responsive layout. You will notice that the page reformats itself sooner, to fit better to the window size.

There are many more tweaks here and there, but you probably don’t need a list of them all here :) There is a possibility that there are few errors here and there, so if you find anything not working, feel free to let me know. And also let me know what do you think of the new look. I do hope you will like it :)