If you work with Lightroom, you know that there are edits, you just do on every single one of your photos. Applying lens correction, removing chromatic abberrations, removing noise, adding sharpness and similar. And since you have to do them every single time, there should be a way to apply them automatically to every single photo, right when they are imported. And there is, and it’s quite simple. So today I will show you how to do exactly that.

To archive this, we need to first create a preset, that we want to use for every photo. To do this, first choose any photo and go into the Develop module. Once there, apply the settings you want to use. In my case, let’s say I want to apply lens correction and remove chromatic aberrations. So I go under the Lens correction panel, and check both boxes.

Quicker process in Lightroom
Quicker process in Lightroom

Once this is done, we need to create a preset with these settings. On the left side, click the + sign next to Presets. In this next dialog, choose a name for your preset, let’s say, Import preset, and check the settings you want to apply. In this case, it’s the lens correction. Click on Create to create the preset. We are done here, and now have to go into the Import dialog.

So let’s import some photos. Either choose File/Import photos and video, or just drag any photo onto Lightroom (but only in Library mode). In this dialog, on the right side, you can find Apply during import. Here, under Develop settings, choose the preset we just made, and thats it. All the new photos you import, will have these preset applied automatically. I would also suggest creating an additional preset for metadata (Metadata/Edit Metadata presets, while in Library mode) so your info is also automatically stored in every photo.

Just by doing this, you will spare yourself going throught all these settings every time you edit a photo.