Recently I changed to a new phone, and together with it I also got the Gear VR headset. So of course I wanted to try it out also with my own photos, but I did not really had any. So today I went to get some new 360 shots, and here is one of them. You can look around in it a little further down in this post, or if you have a VR headset, you can download the source image and view it directly.

For the Gear VR, you just have to:
– connect your phone to a PC
– find the Oculus folder in the root of the phone storage
– create a 360Photos folder, if it’s not there
– copy the photo into the folder
– put the phone into the headset, and open the Oculus 360 Photos app
– choose See all from the first selection and the My photos from the second
– choose the 360Photos folder and choose the photo you want to view

I have no idea how to do it in other VR headsets, as I only have the Gear VR, but I think it will be similar.

Here you can see the whole 360 panorama, created from 4 shots (8mm fish-eye lens). Edited in Lightroom, PTgui, Photoshop and Pano2VR.

Bratislava - Under SNP bridge 360

And here you can look around in it. Just use your mouse to drag the view around and use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.