You will notice here, there is a church tower in front of the Hungarian parliament. It would be better without it, but there is a small problem to that. There is a place, from where you can see the parliament without the tower. It’s directly from the Fishermans bastion. The problem there is, that it is a restaurant, that is mostly not accessible at all, or they allow entry to it only for a short time and close it quite early. In the years I have been visiting Budapest, I only got into the bastion once, and this is not one of the photos from that evening. But I still like it, and I hope you do so too :)

Yellow glow of the Hungarian parliament

If you ever been to Budapest, and every tried to take a photo of the Hungarian parliament building, you know how crazy strong the lights are compared to the surroundings. It just completely overpowers everything around it with the strong yellow glow. I really does take a bit of work to tone it back down again, so one doest not have the whole building overexposed.

For this photo I used two exposures, one for the base and a second at -2EV for the light. I edited both in Lightroom and blended together in Photoshop.

Yellow glow of the Hungarian parliament Budapest

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