Two new translations

Some time ago I posted about adding translation of the Top Photography spots pages into Japanese. The first 4 pages were available then, and another two, London and Budapest are available from today. Only two more missing, but those will be added soon. You can find the English versions here, and the Japanese ones here.

Foggy and cold at the Old bridge

I’m still not sure if they changed the name of the Old bridge, now that it’s the newest one in the city. Who knows. I just hope they don’t. It just leads to confusions.

I took this shot about a week ago. The fog looked very promissing, and I thought I would maybe get a bridge completely covered by it. Too bad that in the area I live in, the fog is usually much thicker than in the city. Like this, mostly I don’t get the result I want, but one has to try.

This is a two shot blend, edited in Ligtroom and Photoshop.

Foggy and cold at the Old bridge Bratislava Slovakia