My plan for today was to play more around with the Canon 5D mark IV. But between the bad weather and being just busy overall, I did not get to do much. But still, the first impression is great, even if it looks like I have to learn more about it, as there is just so much new stuff. I will keep you updated :)

At the Neusidler See

For todays post a quick edit of one of my older shots, taken at the lighthouse at the Neusidrell See in Podersdorf in Austria. This is one of my go to locations, where I like to test new gear.

There are few webcams in the are (you can find them easily by googling for them), and so I can check how the weather looks there and if it’s worth it to try and go take photos there. And it usually does not disappoints.

This is a single exposure, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Lighthouse at the Neusidler See, Podersdorf, Austria