Snow covered Hallstatt

I visited Hallstatt in Austria few times before, but I always wanted to go back during winter, to get some nice photos of it covered with snow. And with a fellow photographer Pedro Kin (from we planed to do a road trip there last Friday. But, not the amount of snow that fallen the last week was so big, that the roads into Hallstatt were closed. So we decided to postpone.

And we postponed it to yesterday, when we did the trip. And wow, there was still a lot of snow. We visited Hallstatt and a nearby lake Altausseer See. We got some nice photos, that I will share mine with you here on the blog. The biggest problem actually was to get to some places, as getting through a 1m or more of snow without sinking into it was not possible. Should have bought snow shoes:)

Today’s photo is a typical view of Hallstat, but this time with all the snow. It is a 2 shot panorama, each shot from three exposures. I was a bit lucky here, as for some reason the light on the church tower was off in one of the photos. As it always creates an overexposed area, I was quite happy how it looks without it. Shot’s combined into panorama in PTgui, edited in Photoshop.

Snow covered Hallstatt, Hallstatt, Austria
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