Creating a panorama

Yes, it’s another panorama. They just work so well for landscape shots. And if you want to learn more on how to create panoramas, I have these articles for you:

Taking a panoramic shot is really easy, and while editing is a bit harder sometime, it’s usually worth it :)

Sunset panorama from Hallstatt

I took this photo while visiting Hallstatt last year. As it is in the middle of the Alps, the sun goes down quite early as it hides behind them. And this was taken right at that moment, when only some sunlight still lit up the peaks of the surrounding hills. It all looked really nice :)

As you can see, the sky right above Hallstatt was not that interesting. Just no golden color. But the clouds further away were stunning. So of course I went with a panorama, to get as much as I could into the shot :)

This is a three shot panorama, merged in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Sunset panorama from Hallstatt, Austria

And here are few details:

Sunset panorama from Hallstatt, Austria

Not a winter photo from Hallstatt

So my plan for today was to go to Hallstatt in Austria to get some nice snow covered photos. And it all looked so promising. It snowed during the week and it looked all so great on the webcam they have there. So I made all the preparations, and just to be sure I checked the video again yesterday. And what would you know, it was warm there yesterday, so most of the snow disappeared.

I decided to move the visit by few weeks, and hopefully there will be more snow a bit later. But I already wanted to share a photo from Hallstatt today, so here is one. This one I took in summer last year, while I was there.

This is a blend of 5 exposures. The light on the church tower is so strong, that it was overexposed even in a -4EV exposure. Will try it with one even darker next time. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Not a winter photo from Hallstatt

More travel

I’m again sorry for the lack of updates, but there will be probably no more until the end of the month. I just returned from Austria after few days, and am leaving tomorrow for Portugal. This year is quite busy for me, and it’s not going to change for a while.

Early morning in Hallstatt

And until I get back, here is one of my recent photos, taken in Hallstatt in Austria. This was right around the sunrise, when the sun was still hiding behind the mountain to the left.

This is a 5 shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

Kong: Skull Island

I have not been in a cinema for very very long, so when I saw the trailer for the new Kong: Skull Island, I just had to go. I prefer to go to the cinema for visually stunning movies, and not really because of a story. And I have to say, Kong really did not disappoint. It was exactly what I expected it to be. An OK story, with no surprises, but with stunning visuals and cinematography. I look at it probably differently as an average viewer, but I just have to say I loved how they composed and post processed the shots. I really enjoyed it a lot. Strange that the reviews I seen were not that spectacular. Did they really expect an Oscar worthy story from this?

And I even enjoyed more, that the character in the movie, who was a photographer, held the camera like she knew what she was doing and even used a tripod for a long exposure shot. Who would expect such realism from a Kong movie? It sometimes funny to think, that on the set of a movie, there are so many people who work with cameras daily, and then in the movie the characters have no idea what they are doing.

So would I recommend this movie? Of course yes. Just don’t expect anything spectacular from the story, and just enjoy the show.

A summer day in Hallstatt

For todays daily shot, I’m sharing with you one of the few daitime shot I have. I really have to do more. This one is from Hallstatt in Austria, which I think was named the most beautiful city in the word some time ago, or something like that. And it really is a beautiful place. To bad it was a bit cloudy they day I visited. But it’s on the list for this year, so I hope it works out :)

A summer day reflection in Hallstatt, Austria


Don’t you just hate waiting? I do. And right now, I’m waiting for my new camera to arrive. I so hoped it will be today, but no. But there is a big chance that it will be tomorrow, so I will write more about it then :)

Overcast evening in Hallstatt

For today photos, I chosen one from Hallstatt in Austria. The day I was there did not work so great with weather. It was overcast the whole day. And with how picturesque the city is, I just wanted a more bright, colorful photos. But that would require a bit of sun. Who knows, maybe next time.

This is a two exposure blend, where I used the second one mostly to darken the sky. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Evening in Hallstatt
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