WordPress updates

This, as many other sites run on wordpress. And you just have to update, as with everything, there are vulnerabilities and you need the fixes. So after a little while, I decided to update to WordPress 5. And wow, is it a horrible update.

WordPress introduced a new post editor, that should make it easy to create posts. But doing so, they complete broke what was there before. And even that editor is full of really really stupid decisions. Check out this screenshot, which is not even of a full-screen window. The editor window is 610 pixels wide. On any screen size. I feel like my brain stopped when I seen this. Why? Who would come up with such a stupid decision. I have a 34 inch screen, and they force me to work in an area the size of a bigger mobile phone. And that’s not the only issue.

Things that were easily accessible before are now hidden. There is no toolbar on the code editor. Previews don’t work for me and so on. There is even a plugin for WordPress that will revert the editor to the old version. They did not even think to leave that option in it for people that will hate this half baked new one. If it wold not take so much work to switch to something else, I would think about it by now. I don’t like the direction WordPress is going at all.

Down at the Hallstatter see

I have already been to Hallstatt in Austria few times, and each time I was there, I wonder where these spot was. I did see few photo from it, but I could not find the spot where one could go down to the Hallstatter see to get the view. The reason is, that most of the area is private property, so you can’t get down.

But this time, I found the spot, and I also found the reason why I did not notice it before. It’s because each time before I was there in the Summer, and since this is a boat dock, there was always a boat docked here. And it blocked the view. But not this time.

This was the last shot I did during my visit to Hallstat last week. I would maybe do more, but I had problems with my tripod. One of the legs got loose and just detached. So after spending a bit of time trying to fix it, I just took few photos and packed it for the day.

This is a blend of three shots, all edited in Lightroom and then blended in Photoshop.

Down at the Hallstatter see