Exposure bracketing on the Canon 5D mark IV

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been playing around with the Canon 5D mark IV. Before I got it, I was interested in it’s bracketing capabilities, and since I did not find much about that, today I will show you in this little video, how the bracketing works on it. Few more additional points to this:

  • You can do 2, 3, 5 or 7 brackets
  • The difference can be from 1/3 to 3 EV
  • The biggest range you can get is -9 to +9 EV
  • The timer takes all shots for you automaticali
  • The 30 second limit for the brightest shot is still there :/
  • The build in bulb timer can make longer shots than 30s
  • You can choose the order the photos are taken in

Overall it works really well and I’m quite pleased with it.

The Danube view

I like to include foreground elements in my photos, but it not really possible all the time. But it worked out for this shot. I took this one from one of the pontoons by the Danube river, quite a long time ago. This is from one of the spots I recomment in my Top Photography spots in Bratislava list.

I took this shot with a normal wide angle lens, so I had to correct quite a strong perspective distortion. And as the castle ended at the most top corner of the shot after the correction, I ended up also compressing the river a bit, to move the castle and its reflection closer down. Maybe I do a post about that sometime :)

This is a blend of three exposures, one for a base, one to darken the highlights of the castle and one to brighten the foreground. Edited in Lightroom and finished in Photoshop.

The Danube view in Bratislava, Slovakia
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