RAWs from Canon 5D mark IV

As today I’m sharing with you a photo from the 5D mark IV for the first time, I thought that you might find it interesting to have a look at the RAW files. So from here you can download the two RAW files I used to crate this panorama.

Feel free to check them out, but as always, please don’t use them for anything else without my permission.

The bridge in Vienna

As I mentioned yesterday, I already wanted to try out the 5D mark IV. But since the weather is still quite bad and everything looks quite gray, I needed a spot where this would not be such a problem. I decided for the hill Leopoldsberg above Vienna. Since I would be taking photos of a city from far away, I will not be able to see how the trees have no leaves and similar. Just the colors of the city.

And as the weather played along, this is what I got. The shot came out a bit less colorful that I hoped, but I let it be. This is close to what it actually looked like. This is a two shot panorama, combined in Lightroom, finished in Photoshop.

The night bridges in Vienna, Austria, panorama