Fist shoot with the 5D mark IV

I wanted to share with you today, a photo I took already with the 5D mark IV. But as I only got home and I’m crazy tired, will move that for tomorrow.

Here is just a quick behind the camera shot I took this evening. It was from the top of the Leopoldsberg behind Vienna. I actually was lucky with the weather. When we arrived it was raining, but right around the start of the blue hour, the sky started clearing and the fog dissipated, so I managed to take few, I think nice, photos. It was just a pleasure to work with the 5D mark IV.

Night under the Eiffel tower

For todays daily photo, I selected this vertorama, taken early last year under the Eiffel tower. As you can see, even with how much you can get with a tilt-shift lens, it’s not enough to capture such a tall structure from such up close. But I actually don’t mind this bit of distortion, as I think it works nicely with this composition and the blurred cars creating a balance from the side.

This is a two shot vertorama, edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. The biggest problem in this shot were the lens flares. As there is no lens hood for the tilt shift lens, and its a bulb, it catches so many of them. But with a bit of editing, one can clean them out :)

Night under the Eiffel tower, Paris, France