Points, points and more points

sunset plotagraph, Plotagraphy ProIt’s quite fun to edit photos with Plotagraph Pro. It really reminds me of those newspapers in Harry Potter movies. The little bit of movement really changes how a photo looks.

And it’s not even that hard. Just check out the guide I posted few days ago. I will also do a video version, but that will be later, as I caught a bit of a cold, and my voice is quite horrible right now. And of course, a review is also in the works.

To the side you can see a screenshot of how this photo looked like when I finished editing it into a plotagraph. It all just about adding animation points. And many of them :)

A colorful sunset plotagraph

I think this is one of the photos that really fits for a plotagraph. Almost everything here normally moves, so adding the movement back just ads to the overall look of it.

(if you are on a mobile or use an old browser, you may only see a static image)