Working on a tablet

I never used tablet to edit my photos. I’m just so used to just use the mouse all the time. But I thought it’s maybe time to give it a chance.

So about a week ago I got the Wacom Intuos Pro S and to tell the truth, I still have not gotten used to it. Not that I did not use a tablet before. But each time it was just for retouching. Not for general photo editing. It’s just so different.

But let’s see how it goes :) Will keep you updated, and maybe will do a review of it later on.

Blue hour lions on the Chain bridge

Getting the chain bridge people free is not really easy. There are always people using it to cross to the other side of Danube. So for this shot I took multiple exposures and blended them in Photoshop. As you can see, I did not take enough shot to remove everyone, but it’s close enough.

And if you want to see how its done, check out this tutorial I posted some time ago.

Blur hour lions, Budapest, Hungary, Chain bridge