Landscape Pro

Landscape Pro screenshotI have been trying out the Landscape Pro program the last few days, as it has quite a different approach to editing landscape photos. You split the photo into areas based on their content (sky, water, building, …) and then do edits specific to that area. You can for instance replace the sky, change water temperature and more. The end results depends a lot of course on how good the selections are, but more on that in an upcoming review :)

Nicely framed view in Budapest

I wanted to try a view like this before, but the area was never really empty. There are benches and seats usually here during the summer, so each time I visited Budapest, it was full. But as this time I was in Budapest so early in the year, I managed to get here while it was quite empty. I only have to wait few minutes, and retouch out one person. Still, I would prefer the trees to be green, to make the framed view even better, but one can’t have everything :)

This is a blend of three exposures, with all the blending done on the bridge to remove the very strong highlights.

Nicely framed view in Budapest, Hungary