Destination Linz

I’m off to Linz in Austria this week. This is more of a business trip, so while I will be taking a lot of photos, nothing that I will be sharing. I will of course try to keep the blog updated every day, but hard to say if I manage. If not, I will be back to updating by the weekend.

Vineyards over Spitz in Austria

And since I am at the topic of Austria, here is a shot I took there about two years ago. This is taken from the vineyards, above the small city of Spitz. It’s a really nice area. You can drive with your car almost right up to this point, and the vineyards are not closed off. So you can go in and take as many photos as you want :)

This was during a very sunny day, which is not the best for photos, but I needed some daytime shots from here, so I took them. I returned here for the sunset, but with no clouds, it was nothing special. I’m again including a before/after screenshots, for those who are curious. If I remember to do so, I will maybe share that with more posts from now on :)

This is a blend of two exposures. A darker one for the base and a brighter one to open up some of the shadows. Edited in Photoshop.

Vineyards over Spitz in Austria