Back from Linz

And I’m back. This one was very busy work week. Sorry for not updating, but I just had no time and energy to do so. But will do now again, for at least until the next trip (which is in a week :)).

Golden sky at the Eiffel tower

Golden sky at the Eiffel tower, before, afterThe photo for today, is one from my archives, taken during one of my visits to Paris. I edited it only few days ago. I think I tried it once before, but I did not like the result. But as the skill advance, so one can get more from photos, one would once find unusable :)

So if you are curious, I’m again including a before/after comparison of this photo. You can see as it was right from the camera, and how it compares to my editing result.

For this photo, I used a single exposure, edited in Photoshop.

Golden sky at the Eiffel tower, Paris, France