Trey Ratcliff’s European Photo Walk

Today Trey Ratcliff, from announced his plans to host multiple photo walks across Europe. And as one of them is really close, in Vienna, I will probably attend. It of course depends if I’m at home at that time, but right now it looks that I will. Could be fun to meet up with other photographers from all over. So if any of you are joining, you may see me there :)

Hidden rock under the SNP bridge

I feel like I have not posted a photo from Bratislava in a while, so here is one :) This is a view from under the SNP bridge. You can get here quite easily, as there are stairs going down close by. But it’s only possible when the level of Danube is quite low. And also this rock in the middle, is only visible when the water is really low.

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Adobe Photoshop.

Hidden rock under the SNP bridge