Yellow lights vs. white lights

One trend in recent years is the switching of the classic lamps in many cities, for the modern LED ones. While this probably save a lot of energy, they really do change the look of the cities. And they change it a lot. For photography, this is is a good, but also bad. If you like to take photos later in the day (as I do :)) you have already noticed this. For shots during the blue hour, the yellow lights are great. They crate a great color contrast with the blue sky and just look great. For later night shots, a more white color is better, as getting rid of a very strong yellow color cast is not that easy.

Still, I do prefer more the yellow lights. How about you?

Yellow lights at the Matthias Church in Budapest

And the yellow lights are also very strong in Budapest. Which is maybe not that great for night shots, but it truly fits well with classic architecture.

This shots is taken about a month ago, during a short visit to Budapest. This is a two shot vertorama, with each shot from two exposures, blended in Photoshop. I got most from one exposure, but needed a second one to darken few areas.

I also used another 4 shots, of the bottom area, to remove people that were randomly waling around. If you want to know how I did it, check out this guide here.

Yellow lights at the Matthias Church in Budapest