Destination France

And I’m off to another work trip, this time to Paris and few other cities in France. This one will be a busy year. So as before, there will be probably no updates for the next week. Or, if the weather works out, and I have time, there will be some new from France. Let’s see :)

The landmarks across Danube in Bratislava

For today’s photo, here is a quick one from the center of Bratislava. I really like this view of the city, as it shows the two most dominant landmarks of Bratislava. And right now, if I tried this shot again, the sun would be setting right in the middle of these two. To bad I have to leave, but I really have to try and get the shot when I get back :)

This is a blend of three exposures, done in Photoshop.

The landmarks across Danube in Bratislava
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