Vienna Photo Walk by Trey Ratcliff

Yesterday, as I mentioned before, I joined the Vienna Photo Walk by Trey Ratcliff, in Viena of course :). It was quite fun and interesting evening, and I had the opportunity to meet some great people (and have a look at a lot of photography gear :)).

For those who would still like to join a photowalk like this, there are still two more in the next month, and you can find the info about them here:

A lot of random photos :)

And here is a big bunch of photos I took yesterday. As you may clearly see, this are not photos of Vienna, but are of the photo walk and the people in the photo-walk. As I can go to Vienna anytime (it’s really close for me), i decided not to focus on the city at all. There are also a lot of photos of Trey, but that a given as he was the center of the photo walk :)