Macphun is becoming SKYLUM

skylumThis is starting to get spooky. I mentioned yesterday, that just last weekend I talked to a fellow photographer that someone should buy Nik Software. And it was announced yesterday. We talked that the a7R3 should come soon, and it was announced yesterday. And we also discussed that Macphun should change their name, now that they make windows software. And what happened? It was announced yesterday. Now I think that we should have been discussing how to win a million dollars :) Will do that next time :)

But back to Macphun. Yesterday they announced that starting next year they are changing their name to Skylum. I think that this is a very good change for them, as with them doing multiplatform software, the new name would not discourage Windows users to check out their products. I also still have to have a better look at their recent updates, but hopefully now with the weather getting worse, I will have the time.

You can check out all Macphun products on Macphun website here.

Cold morning in Prague

There has been a lot of color and warmth in my latest updates, so for today I chosen a much colder photo. This one is from a very cold morning in Prague, early this year. The weather that day was not the best, but i still got few nice shots :) I left the white balance here also on the colder side, to keep this nice blue color, and to keep the overall feeling of cold.

This is a two shot vertorama. Combined in Lightroom, edited in Lightroom and fininshed in Photoshop.

Cold morning in Prague