DxO acquires Nik Collection

Funny thing. Just few days ago I was talking to a fellow photographer about, what would be the best future for Nik Collection plugins. And we both agreed that the best would be for some company that actually makes photography software, to buy them away from Google. We just don’t want loose such a great piece of software (they have not been updated for years and they still are great). And just today, that happened. DxO acquired Nik Collection assets from Google, and even announced plans to continue development on them.

This is definitive great news for all photographers and I can’t wait for the “Nik Collection 2018 Edition” that also been announced for the next year. You can see the official announcement on DxO website here.

Long exposure panorama at the Strbske pleso

Long exposure panorama at the Strbske plesoI just love taking panoramas recently. They looks just so great and give a different view to normal photos. And with the 21:9 monitor, and now a 18:9 phone, they just look great on my devices. But they don’t look so nice on the blog. And I yet to find a better way how to show them off here. So for now, here is a bigger version of the photo, and you will see also few close ups under the full shot.

This is a 3 shot panorama taken at the Strbske pleso lake in High Tatras in Slovakia. I used a 10 stop ND filter here, to blur the water, to get the nice reflection. The lines in the water were just a nice bonus :) The panorama was combined in Lighroom and finished in Photoshop.

Long exposure panorama at the Strbske pleso, Slovakia

And here are few details:

Long exposure panorama at the Strbske pleso, Slovakia